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TNPSC CESE 2014 written Exam - General studies - Answer key



1.Study the following bar-graph..*** Ans :(D)1995 and 2001
2.12 spheres of the same size..*** Ans: (B)2cm
3.Find the greatest number which ..*** Ans:  (B)255
4.A man performs ..*** (Question wrong) *** Ans:(
5.Average of a and b..*** Ans:(A)20
6.In an election…*** Ans:(C) 60,000
7.After successive discounts..***  Ans:(B)250
8.Find the missing term…*** Ans:(D)26
9.Find the highest common factor 34,102. Ans:(B)34
10.A man borrows.. ***Ans:(c)4years
11.The product of.. ***Ans:(B)117
12.Which is the next term.. ***Ans:(C)127
13.Find the missing figure.. ***Ans:( C)
14.If the radius .. ***Ans:(B)75%
15.A sphere is.. ***Ans:(C)2
16.What is the next fig.. ***Ans:(D)
17.A car is running .. ***Ans:(C)450m
18.If x:y=2:1.. ***Ans:(A)3:5
19.If 1 is added to.. ***Ans: (C)2/3
20.The smallest 6.. ***Ans:(C)1,00,011
21.How many squares are .. ***Ans:(B)15
22.Find the value of.. ***Ans:(A)333
23.The difference between .. ***Ans:(A)Rs.625
24.If the volume of the cube .. .. ***Ans:(b)4 root of 3
25.A student looks.. ***Ans:(B)≥435 and <175 o:p="">
26.Seven men.. ***Ans:(C) 9.8days
27.The source  of solar.. ***Ans:(B)Sun
28.Plant cells.. ***Ans:(B) II&III
29.Aerobic respiration.. ***Ans:(D)
30.Wrong statements- vitamin E .. ***Ans:(D):IV
31.The body set up in 1964.. ***Ans:(B)Central Vigilance Commission(CVC)
32.The idea of establishing a public service commission.. ***Ans:(B)Montague-Chelmsford Reforms 1919
33.Which of the ..reduction inflation.. ***Ans:(C)I,II and III
34.Name the committee.. ***Ans:(B)Arjunsengupta committee
35.Oxidation number.. ***Ans:(B)+6
36.Water gas.. ***Ans:(B)H2 and CO
37.Birds and mammals.. ***Ans:(A)Allen’s rule
38.Match the following.. pulmonary veins –delivery of oxygenated blood from lungs to heart*Ans:(C)4 1 2 3
39.Nightingale of Carnatic music .. ***Ans:(B)Subbulakshmi
40.’D’layer in ionosphere.. ***Ans:(A)60-90kms
41.Matchlist..igneous rock-granite.. ***Ans:(D)2 1 4 3
42.The Bolivian satelite.. ***Ans:(C)China
43.President of international theosophical.. ***Ans:(B)Tim Boyd
44.Assertion and Reason-High court commissioner of india.. ***Ans:(D)Both (A) and (R) are correct and (R) is the right explanation to (A)
45.Whoamong..the cinema as the main vehicle .. ***Ans:(B)C.N.Annadurai
46.Which ancient university.. ***Ans:(B)Nalanda
47.Match List..SambadhKaumud.. ***Ans:(D)3 4 1 2
48.Matchlist..Regulation act-1773.. ***Ans:(A)1 2 3 4
49.The first UN Malala Award.. ***Ans:(D)Razia Sultan
50.Which of the..not correctly matched.. ***Ans:(D)Centre for Marine living resource & ecology-Hyderabad(It is in Cochin)
51.Which of the..salient feature of the Indian Constitution.. ***Ans:(C)I and III
52.The chairperson of the public service .. ***Ans:(B)The president of india
53.Wolframite is the ore of.. ***Ans:(D)IV
54.Match the following lithium-alkali.. ***Ans:(B)4 3 2 1
55.Westbengal’s move.. ***Ans:(A)Operation Barga
56.Who..alternative approach to Indian planning.. ***Ans:(A)P.C.Mahalanobis
57.Which word was ..preamble in 1977.. ***Ans:(B)Secular
58.Who called ..’Identity card of the constitution ‘?.. ***Ans:(B)N.A.Palkhivala
59.’Green House Effect’.. ***Ans:(C)CO2
60.River-Origin .. ***Ans:(B)I and II
61.Soils-Area.. ***Ans:(D)3 1 4 2
62.What is ..Varna and Jati? .. ***Ans:(D)Jati is derived from varna
63.Matchlist..Madras Music academy.. ***Ans:(B)4 3 2 1
64.The science of Dactylography  .. ***Ans:(C)Finger printing
65.UNFCCC.. ***Ans:(A)United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
66.Matchlist..Back to vedas.. ***Ans:(D)4 3 1 2
67.ParamYuva-II? .. ***Ans:(B)The most  power efficient super computer
68.Asteroids are minor.. ***Ans:(C)Mars and Earth
69.PSLV-C20 rocket.. ***Ans:(D)25 Feb 2013
70.The first woman chief justice .. ***Ans:(A)GorlaRohini
71.The first country in the world.. ***Ans:(A)Japan
72.One of the ..amending procedures in India.. ***Ans:(A)Parliament has power to amend the Constituion of India.
73.The power to levy an estate duty in .. ***Ans:(C) Parliament
74.How many members are elected from TN to RajyaSabha.. ***Ans:(B)18
75.When the office of cabinet secretary .. ***Ans:(A)1950
76.Considerthe..State legislative councils.. ***Ans:(C)All the statements are correct
77.Considerthe..Jointsitting .. ***Ans:(A)Both statements are correct
78.Avoltameter is an .. ***Ans:(A)Voltage
79.Which of the..Sarvasiksha.. ***Ans:(B)I and II
80.Which of the ..highest average growth rate in per capita.. ***Ans:(A)Bihar
81.Which of the..First Finance Commission.. ***Ans:(C)III
82.Which of the following..Anjumchopra.. ***Ans:(D)She has played 25 tests for India.
83.The erosional landforms.. ***Ans:(A)Stalacities,Stalagmites,Cave pillars
84.Geographical  cycle.. ***Ans:(D)Davis
85.Whichof..permanent theatre ‘variety hall’.. ***Ans:(B)II and III
86.Who wrote ‘DasigalMosaValai’.. ***Ans:(B)MoovalurRamamirthammal
87.Choose the.. Archaeology and Oceanograph.. ***Ans:(C)Both A and R are correct
88.What are the two great epics .. ***Ans:(A)Silappadikaram and Manimekalai
89.Consider the .. In 1906 at the congress.. ***Ans:(A)Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) explains (A)
90.Who of the ..’Home-Rule’.. ***Ans:(D)Annie Basant
91.The instrument to measure the growth of plants.. ***Ans:(A)Crescograph
92.World Animal Welfare Day.. ***Ans:(C) 4 th October
93.The Thomas cup is associated .. ***Ans:(B)Badminton
94.The First Public Service Commission.. ***Ans:(B)1st October 1926
95.A candidate for the office of the President.. ***Ans:(B)35 years of age

96.What is the strength of the new state assembly of Telungana? .. ***Ans:(C)119 


  1. Many answers r wrong .. Simple interest number of year ls 4 , succesive discounts .. Answer is 250 .. Cube sum diagonal distance D to E is 4(root) 3 .. Voting of candidates , answer is 6000.. Voltameter is used to measure current ..

  2. Voting of candidates 60000 is correct

  3. Successive discount ans 250 is correct

  4. sorry sir its not 60,000 .. it is 6000 ... 30% -10% = 1200 ... 20% votes = 1200 .. hence for 100% its 1200 x 5 = 6000 sir !!

  5. and voltmeter is for measuring voltage ... voltameter is for measuring current sir

  6. pls upload the question papers for both technical and GK ....

  7. asterid belt lies between mars and jupiter

  8. When will be official key released for CESE 2014.

  9. Sphere sum and is 4cm sir
    Volume of cylinder =12* volume of sphere

  10. jati is derived from varna is relation between jati and varna ...but option c.) varna is 4 but jaati are many is the right answer..... because it is the difference ....


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